Rebeccah Mullen

I am a digital strategist with over 16 years experience designing creative communications, marketing solutions, and platform integration strategies for tech, government, media, and non-profit organizations.

I manage external and internal communications for major organizations, administer and develop CRM and CMS platforms, create and execute marketing campaigns using social media, email, and SEO, and build websites that integrate all the above into a unified brand package that engages audiences.

I advocate for the #openweb, and believe that privacy, content and data policy should be the cornerstone of every organization. And last, I am and will always be #communityinspired.

What I Do

Digital Strategy

It's important to be able to see the big picture, especially when multiple projects, goals and timelines compete for attention and require prioritization. I design solutions that enhance content, amplify communications, and integrate digital platforms, so that stakeholders across the organization can achieve their goals.

Platform Development

I bring it all together. I fix what's broken, build what your team needs right now, and work with you to chart the correct path forward. You might not need a major shift. Sometimes you already have what you need to succeed, and I can help you tie it all together. If you don't, I move mountains to get you to where you need to be.

Marketing & Campaign Strategy

I energize channels with award-winning campaigns and creative content that elevates marketing campaigns, product launches, program updates, public events, online engagement, and fundraising activities. I can speak knowledgeably to audiences in technology, government, entertainment and the non-profit sector⁠ — and I know that the key to success is to listen to your followers.

Content Development

I am a maker at heart. I write, design, edit and produce graphics, photography, print publications, videos, website UX, datasets, and more. I excel at building and refining brand experiences that expand and define an organization's voice and narrative.



Just a tip top hip hop tech tactician.


April 2014-July 2019

Manager of Communications, Office of the President


• Published an avg. of 20 blog posts, media releases, newsletters & events invitations per month on website, intranet and email
• Published +55 social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram per month
• Managed editorial calendar for content publishing and coordinated +15 staff contributors.


• Accomplished 70% open rate for 11 key audiences
• Drove click engagement to 40-65% for top 10 senders through new email list segmentation and content personalization
• Engaged 68% of total participants for annual campaign
• Onboarded +2.5K new contacts to Salesforce CRM
• Tracked social media activity for +430 partner events
• Sent personalized emails to over 19k organization contacts.


• Increased inbound website traffic, search & click rates by 65-85% YoY from 2014 to 2019 through landing page redesign, content featurization, enhanced search capability, webforms and onramps leading to +4k new contacts within 1 year.


• Designed and coded 12 branded email templates for Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Pardot
• Executed list segmentation, de-duplication process, and conducted CASL compliance review for over 20k contacts.


• Designed, developed & implemented 1st community foundation Open Licensing Policy & national stakeholder campaign.


• Led digital strategy 2014-2019.


• Primary Admin for Salesforce, Pardot email marketing, Drupal CMS, Sharepoint intranet, WordPress, Facebook Business, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Search Console, SurveyMonkey, Critical Mention & Meltwater media monitoring platforms.

March 2012 – January 2014

Social Media, Content Producer

• Led social media strategy for Mozilla & Mozilla’s Webmaker Project

• Supported product marketing & product launches & promoted international events such as MozFest and MakerParty

• Grew global audience engagement by following, sharing and celebrating user-made content

• Attracted over 265,000 new followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr through creative content strategy

• Published an average of 10 posts/day on multiple social media platforms

• Executed social media strategy for EOY fundraising campaign

• Earned 3,176 mentions of #ilovetheweb with 4.9M social media impressions without paid advertising

• Led creative for Webmaker Video Marketing Materials, winning 2012's RGD Social Good Design Award.

February 2010 – April 2013 (3 years, 2 months) Vancouver


Select Clients include:

• Social Media & Website Manager, Content Developer for City of Vancouver, Office of the Mayor, (Contract) March 2011 – July 2011

• Website and Data Development plus Email Campaign Management for Vision Vancouver Municipal Campaign, (Contract) August-November 2011

January 2001 – April 2002

Account Manager, Marketing Manager

• Launched 8 new projects with existing clients, landed 9 new clients

• Project managed internal rebrand

• Secondary client relationship manager

• Lead proposal writer

• Authored media awareness campaigns resulting in Bento Box’s 2001 Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver issue ‘Best Web Design Company’

• Landed feature company profiles on and Azure Design & Architecture Magazine.


BCFED OH&S Committee Education

Occupational Health & Safety Committee Part I, 2019

2017, 2018
UBC Sauder School of Business

• Web Analytics for Site Optimization, 2017

• Measuring Marketing Campaigns Online, 2017

• Understanding and Managing Change, 2018

Capilano University

Graphic Design & Illustration Program

Langara College

Fine Arts Diploma Program

Creative Expertise

Digital Strategy


Website Development


Project Management


Email Marketing & Social Media


Adobe Creative Suite


Content Management & Creation


Administration & Technical

Google SEO (Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, Tag Manager)


CMS (Drupal, WordPress)


HTML & CSS (Intermediate)


Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud, Pardot Admin, Chatter, Communities


Email Marketing (Pardot, Constant Contact, MailChimp)


Microsoft Suite, Sharepoint



My Works, Ye Mighty
Vancouver Foundation Website Redesign

Vancouver Foundation Website Redesign

Brand Development, Website Development
Vancouver Foundation Historical Research

Vancouver Foundation Historical Research

Brand Development, Creative Content
Vancouver Foundation Annual Report 2018

Vancouver Foundation Annual Report 2018

Creative Content
Open Licensing Policy for Vancouver Foundation.

Open Licensing Policy for Vancouver Foundation.

Open Licensing
Speaking about open licensing at Transform the Sector 2017

Speaking about open licensing at Transform the Sector 2017

Open Licensing
Webmaker Branding for Mozilla Festival Launch

Webmaker Branding for Mozilla Festival Launch

Brand Development, Video
Mozilla on Twitter

Mozilla on Twitter

Social Media
Mozilla on Facebook

Mozilla on Facebook

Social Media
Mozilla End of Year Fundraising Campaign

Mozilla End of Year Fundraising Campaign

Meet the Webmakers Video Series

Meet the Webmakers Video Series

Brand Development, Video
Mozilla Story 2012 Update

Mozilla Story 2012 Update

Brand Development, Video


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