About Me

What I Do

Digital Strategy

I am an accomplished digital strategist with extensive experience designing communications, marketing, website, and database solutions. My work connects organizational priorities with the right tools and technologies to make the most of your budget and resources. I work best as an invested internal manager, or by leading external teams of specialized developers for short-term projects.

Platform Development

I create technical solutions that match the needs of large and small organizations, corporations, programs, and public institutions. My solutions exceed the requirements of even the most restrictive regulatory environments, and I incorporate policy development, training, and quality documentation into my work to ensure the sustainability of all my solutions.

Marketing Integration

I understand how to move people. By building effective awareness campaigns and lead generation opportunities, I ensure that current & potential clients and partners are engaged and inspired throughout their digital experience. I utilize effective automation, thorough tracking, and right-on-time data acquisition to ensure my clients deliver best-in-class service to their communities.

Creative Content & Campaigns

I energize channels with award-winning campaigns and creative content that elevates product launches, brand awareness, public events, online engagement, and fundraising activities. I grow channels, and convert fans into brand enthusiasts. I publish in all mediums, across all channels, and produce killer campaigns that get results.