Canadian Content – SCTV, God is in the Details

Do what you love… has attracted one of the most compelling online communities to be found anywhere. Their audience is extremely literate, picky, and attracted to subtext like moths to a flame. With a tagline of ‘Scathing and Bitchy’, your work has to be good.

I create Social Media Campaigns for the site – themed events that encompass an entire day’s worth of articles, reviews, links and interactive materials. As well as creating the visuals for these Campaigns, I occasionally write articles.

This article was created for Pa’Eh’Ba Day – The Hat Strikes Back. The entire day was filled with various bits of Canadiana – unsung movies, films and yes – TV shows that the Canadian readership felt best represented our identity.

SCTV is the show that I consider to be the genesis of almost all modern comedy, and when I realized that there wasn’t much information available, I decided to create this extensively researched article. I intended to provide information that was not already available online, and find a way to unify the content that was scattered piecemeal all over YouTube.

Please click here to read the PDF version, or follow this link to view the article as it was originally seen on, with the comments this article generated from the readership.

Please do opine!

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