Help us bring moar webmaker cats to the internet – SUBMIT CONTENT all summer!

Hot on the heels of a wildly engaging weekly call, we’d like to follow up on a topic near to our hearts: CONTENT THAT SHOWS WE ARE RAD.

We’re planning to adapt the Webmaker tumblr to focus more on galleries of ‘Makes’. Help us continue to surface cool and interesting content that defines what our tools can do, and shows that everyone can webmake at any level of technical experience.

What we’re looking for:

  • photos
  • screencaps
  • project links
  • blog posts
  • quotes and reviews
  • tweets
  • and emails

When we find content, or receive submissions, it takes a little extra love to prepare & share so annotation and links are greatly appreciated. You can even make it a personal goal to find and submit the coolest make this summer! I’ll be happy to make you a trophy to inspire jealousy in your co-workers.

Simple tools you can use to help us bring the best materials to light:

Please take a moment to add this link to your bookmarks:

You can submit cool stuff to the editors using submit, or send links using ‘ask’ to your grateful Comms team if you’re short on time. We’ll joyfully prepare them with tags and other useful links and make the absolute most of them, we promise.

Thank you for all your help! As always, we’d love to hear your ideas so please leave comments below, or join our Weekly Webmaker Calls and chime in.

Please do opine!

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