Mozilla on Twitter


Mozilla on Twitter

I established early on through metrics analysis that our primary audience were developers and technologists, and supporters of the Mozilla Mission (people invested in Open Source and keeping the Open Web free, and people concerned about privacy, transparency and equal rights for web users on a global scale).

My primary goal was to help grow our community of passionate contributors (One Million Mozillians!) by developing a compelling content strategy that reached out to new followers with similar interests and concerns, and positioning Mozilla as a fundamental actor in those spaces by sharing our product development, educational initiatives, political activism, and collaborative partnerships.

My secondary objective was to draw fans of the Firefox products towards our other products, initiatives and public facing events around the globe, to help unite the different communities of supporters I found all over social media.



  • Grew audience by 16.5K
  • Boosted Engagement by 75MT per day
  • Boosted RT’s by 58 RT per day

Top Tweets (Clicks, RT’s and/or Engagement)

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