Webmaker Product Launch – Creative Branding

Meet the Webmakers Videos


Meet the Webmakers (click link or image to view)


 Young Webmakers (click link or image to view)

Concept development, script writing, project management

Project management and creative development for 2012’s award winning promotional videos for the Webmaker project (Meet the Webmakers & Young Webmakers); collaboration resulted in earning the SmartBubble Society the Real Player Video Visionary Award for Education in 2012 as well as the RGD | Social Good Design Award for Non-Profits 2012

About the project:

The Webmaker Video series was designed to engage audiences and promote the Webmaker Suite of Tools. I worked with the SmartBubble Society to create a series featuring web literacy Evangelists and thought leaders whose visual testimonials would inspire audiences to become Webmakers themselves.

From casting notes to conceptual development, scriptwriting and editing direction, project management and scheduling – I moved these projects across the finish line.

The results are beautiful – our Evangelists are enhanced with an overlay of digital infographics that both display elements of accurate code (javascript, HTML, etc.) that established Webmakers and experts would recognize, and that visually express the narrative elements of their stories.

The videos were featured on Mozilla.org homepage, Firefox & Me newsletter, and a wide variety of promotional and press materials.

Webmaker Environmental Branding, Video Interstitial

Webmaker Video Brand – Mozilla Festival Loop

Creative direction, project management

Project management and creative direction for a video bumper and interstitial series to display throughout Ravensbourne College, host of the Mozilla Festival which featured the Webmaker launch as it’s primary Keynote for 2012.

About the project:

The perpetually in-motion branding visuals flooded the monitors on 9-floors of Mozilla’s Festival space, creating an atmosphere of excitement and focus on the Foundation’s primary Education initiative. Used as a standalone clip and also as an interstitial bumper between selected slides and video clips throughout the day, the graphics sequence generated by award-winning Motion Visual Designer, Bienvenido Cruz created a polished articulation of the logotype (a needle and thread sewing a badge) in action and added visual excitement and a broadcast-level professional polish to the overall product launch assets.

Webmaker Environmental Branding, Banners

Graphic Design, Pre-press

Layout and prepress production for custom vinyl standing banners.

About the project:

Branding visuals for many Mozilla projects were prepared for over 9-floors of Mozilla’s Festival space – however late stage updates to the Webmaker Logo design resulted in a last minute call for floor banners to display during the Product Launch at the event.

I come from a graphic design and content management background and was able to assist our busy Graphic Design lead with this last minute request for 12 press-ready banners to be produced in the UK.

Webmaker Storytelling Assets and Visuals


Summer Code Party Launch Events – Google Map Version

Graphic Design, Google Maps

An early stage interactive Google Map for our first Webmaker Summer of Code initiative in 2012 – promoted on Launch weekend.


The Global Events Story

Graphic Design, Map Illustration

When the communications team needed a clear representation of our success in engaging followers to participate in our annual Webmaking campaign, I produced an accurate visual asset that told the tale of our global impact.

Webmaker Learning Projects, Creative, Design and Code

At various times, I collaborated or created fun, remixable and timely projects to support social outreach and varying messaging objectives. Some of my favorite contributions include:


All Hands Weekly Updates using Webmaker Tools (Popcorn Maker presentation)

I used our Popcorn Maker Tool (part of the Webmaker.Org suite of tools) to mix audio tracks, custom images and web content into a presentation package to share on our Monday Mozilla All-Hands public meeting. I produced 6 Popcorn Updates in total.


Valentine’s Day Code Project

I developed the concept for a Thimble project that showed learners both how to remix code.


Lady Gaga Fan Project

Noticing an opportunity to support a giant community of well-wishers during our partnership with the Born This Way Foundation, I created a graphic border featuring the pop star, Lady Gaga, and encouraged her well wishers to add their videos to it and share with their community.

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