Webmaker on Twitter


Webmaker on Twitter

The Webmaker twitter account, established in March 2013, was developed as a hub for publishing Webmaker’s remixable content and promoting community event listings. The channel grew towards outreach, engagement and user support as it evolved, and was supplemented by regular product updates and co-building CTA’s.

The Webmaker channel has played host to many Mozilla events and campaigns, primarily Mozilla Festival, Make Stuff Do Things, and annual global Maker Party Campaigns.


  • to create a feed designed to encourage makers to collaborate and share cool content while exploring digital literacy curriculum
  • to locate new super contributorsand support their journey towards co-building the Webmaker platform
  • to create a venue for high quality user made content and contributor celebration
  • to support onramps deeper into community events and calls to action
  • establish regular metrics tracking and review via Hootsuite and Google Analytics
  • report bugs to development team regarding performance of Product content on channels


  • Established new channel in March 2013, gained +2,500 followers by December 2013
  • Established audiences and content outreach for key locations (UK, India, Indonesia, and Brazil)
  • Established the #MakerParty tag and pushed reach to +7000 hits within five months

Top Tweets (Clicks, RT’s and/or Engagement)

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