Rebeccah Mullen

I am a digital strategist with over 16 years experience designing creative communications, marketing solutions, and platform integration strategies for tech, government, media, and non-profit organizations.

I manage external and internal communications for major organizations, administer and develop CRM and CMS platforms, create and execute marketing campaigns using social media, email, and SEO, and build websites that integrate all the above into a unified brand package that engages audiences.

I advocate for the #openweb, and believe that privacy, content and data policy should be the cornerstone of every organization. And last, I am and will always be #communityinspired.

What I Do

Digital Strategy

It's important to be able to see the big picture, especially when multiple projects, goals and timelines compete for attention and require prioritization. I design solutions that enhance content, amplify communications, and integrate digital platforms, so that stakeholders across the organization can achieve their goals.

Platform Development

I bring it all together. I fix what's broken, build what your team needs right now, and work with you to chart the correct path forward. You might not need a major shift. Sometimes you already have what you need to succeed, and I can help you tie it all together. If you don't, I move mountains to get you to where you need to be.

Marketing & Campaign Strategy

I energize channels with award-winning campaigns and creative content that elevates marketing campaigns, product launches, program updates, public events, online engagement, and fundraising activities. I can speak knowledgeably to audiences in technology, government, entertainment and the non-profit sector⁠ — and I know that the key to success is to listen to your followers.

Content Development

I am a maker at heart. I write, design, edit and produce graphics, photography, print publications, videos, website UX, datasets, and more. I excel at building and refining brand experiences that expand and define an organization's voice and narrative.