Meet the Webmakers Video Series

Concept development, script writing, project management

Project management and creative development for 2012’s award winning promotional videos for the Webmaker project (Meet the Webmakers & Young Webmakers); collaboration resulted in earning the SmartBubble Society the Real Player Video Visionary Award for Education in 2012 as well as the RGD | Social Good Design Award for Non-Profits 2012


About the videos:

The Meet the Webmakers video series was designed to inspire audiences and promote the launch of the Webmaker toolkit, a free-to-use online HTML editor and webpage publisher. The software featured responsive instructions and multiple starter projects in a range of difficulty levels.

I worked with SmartBubble Society to create a video series featuring educational leaders, inspiring youth, and internet activists whose testimonials might inspire people interested in coding to try Webmaker.

I moved these projects across the finish line as project manager, providing guidance on casting, conceptual development, authoring scripts and editing direction, researching and approving graphics content, coordinating code validation, project scheduling, budget and campaign distribution.

The results are beautiful – our ‘software evangelists’ are enhanced with an overlay of digital infographics that that visually express the narrative elements of their stories. These dynamic ‘webby’ graphics and snippets of accurate javascript and HTML are recognizable to new Webmakers and experts alike.

The videos were featured on homepage, Firefox & Me newsletter, and through newsletters, social media and press release materials launching the brand in 2012.


Concept development gallery:


  • Mozilla Foundation

  • 2012