Mozilla End of Year Fundraising Campaign

Mozilla’s end-of-year campaign achieved $1.2M in individual donations — nearly double the amount raised from the previous year. Starting in November, the campaign team used e-mail, social media, and the Firefox Snippet to tell our shared story, engage new contributors, and grow the financial resources required to support Mozilla’s ability to advocate for the open web.


I worked with campaign designer Andrea Wood to co-create a social media strategy that encouraged supporters to:

  • Offer small dollar donations as a meaningful contribution to the Mozilla project
  • Join a Thunderclap appealing to last-minute contributors that set the stage for a coordinated email and final social push on December 30th
  • Use the hashtag #lovetheweb on social channels to promote their own donation activities and show public support for the campaign

I worked with Andrea to develop campaign messaging offering a wide range of donation prompts, and developing a versatile, ‘share-the-love’ message that worked across all channels. I also prepared visual materials for social channels, iterating on the brand design to create multiple share graphics for Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.  I wrote, scheduled, and published over 100 tweets, posts, and channel updates, and conducted an engagement campaign over the Christmas holidays to thank hundreds of supporters for donating and sharing our message.


  • The campaign raised over $1,260,019.79, with $296,765 raised on December 30th alone
  • Social media impact from the end of year campaign was measured at 4.9M social media impressions in 40 days, including over 3,187 mentions of the campaign hashtag #lovetheweb
  • Mozilla’s Thunderclap total social reach hit over 2,779,345 impressions, partly due to strategic coordination with larger social networks
  • Through the @Mozilla channel I drove support for our Thunderclap up to 322 supporters in 20 days (128% of goal supported)
  • Social networks averaged $21.43 per donation



“4.9M social media impressions supported a $1.2M fundraising goal.”