Mozilla Story 2012 Update

Creative direction, project management.

Project management and creative direction for an update to the Mozilla Story - designed to incorporate newly developed products for mobile and education.


About the project:

Mozilla had launched three new initiatives - Firefox OS for mobile devices, Firefox for Android, and the Webmaker toolset - and their brand story needed an update to reflect the new energy and direction.

I worked with the SmartBubble Society to develop a script, storyboard and narrative that reworked and updated their previous year’s video detailing the history and purpose behind the Mozilla Project.

I’m especially pleased with how well we integrated the new concepts and visuals such as data privacy, and also our callback to major visual touchstones in Mozilla’s history - such as the farmer’s field with a Firefox Logo ‘crop circle’. Little elements like these tied together the old and the new to create a seamless update in Mozilla’s narrative history.

Screens from the creative process, all designs © SmartBubble Society.


  • Mozilla Foundation

  • Sept, 2012